Friday, January 8, 2010

Frugal Friday - *updated*

I have several older posts waiting to be published, but I guess I'll just have to backdate those & complete when I get them done. This is too exciting to hold back. I've been couponing for a while now, but have recently buckled down. I had been using the Coupon Mom method, but never felt completely sure what links were actual links in her posts or what was advertisement. My friend Hollie told me about Southern Savers & I am on my way to some substantial savings this year. I had already done my weekly grocery shopping for the week when I saw the P&G spend $25 get $5 promotion at Kroger. Since we can always use diapers & wipes, the $25 was easy to spend AND both were on sale this week AND I had printed & e-coupons for both.

See this...

I got all of it for $25.81! 41% savings!!!

My next stop was CVS to get my free light bulb which they were out of, but I had $2 expiring Extra Care Bucks burning a hole in my pocket. As I was walking out, I spotted a twin pack of Fiber One Chocolate & Oats bars which I LOVE. The price was $6.99 for both with $3 ECB's back, which made them $3.99-minus the $2.00 ECB's I had received from just scanning my card at the "coupon-spitter-outer thing" on my last visit- minus the $1.00 off printable coupon...grand total 99 cents! Simply unbelievable.

I can't wait to put my list together this weekend for next week's shopping adventures...

*UPDATE* Friday after work I went to the CVS on the Southside of town after work to see if I could find the lightbulb & TOTALLY racked up. I got all this for $12.87 AND I even scored a hard-to-find Blue's Clues toy for Abi & Drew for Valentine's Day - operation SUCCESS!


  1. i love it. such a thrill. tonight at publix i spent 13 and saved 27!!! yippee!

  2. OK OK, I am so excited to learn how to coupon, but that web site got me kinda confused! My ADD is in overdrive when I have to shop based on sales, not on what we really need that week. However, I would love a "Frugal Friday" link day! How fun! Maybe it would inspire me to sit and actually write out a list baed on coupons and sale inserts!


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