Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus

Last Thursday I had a regional mortgage meeting down in Statesboro. I always look forward to seeing my friends and having the opportunity to catch up with their lives in person. We only have these meetings once or twice a year, but it is inevitable that they will fall on important days in the lives of my kids. This was not any ordinary Thursday. You see, it was also the day that Santa came to visit Abi & Drew's school. I had planned to leave really early that morning so I could move some funds to a local bank down there that is paying FIVE PERCENT interest on a high-yield checking account. Anyway, I'm sure Terry could have handled the preparations for this big day without me; but I just couldn't bear to miss.

As you can see, Abi-girl is quite excited about her visit with Santa; and as for Drew - well, the jury is still out!

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  1. Hey April! Love the blog. I loved yours so much that I am working on one for my family. Not as good as yours yet. Still tweeking!


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